Shipping of vegetable oils and fats into Europe by sea voyage benefits from specific conditions.  It is permitted in bulk tanks, in which substances included in a positive list (acceptable previous cargoes) were transported.

Strict criteria were established by the Scientific Committee for Food to define the list of acceptable previous cargoes. These criteria were reconfirmed by EFSA in 2009.
In addition, the lining of the ship tanks can determine in some cases whether the immediate previous cargo or the three previous cargoes have to be on the positive list.  For ocean carriers, only the immediate previous cargo needs to comply with the positive list (see details in 14COD152 Annex 2).
Strict cleaning procedures are also defined by the sector (see 07COD138).

For road transport, train and barges, the transport of oils and fats is food dedicated.  The definition of food acceptable as previous cargo has been defined by the oils and fats sector in a short list of recommended substances in order to guarantee an optimal cleaning of the tanks (see 14COD152 Annex 1).