FEDIOL, the EU vegetable oil and proteinmeal industry association, represents the interests of the European oilseed crushers, vegetable oil refiners and bottlers.

FEDIOL members are 10 national associations and associated company members in 7 other EU countries. With about 180 facilities in Europe, the sector provides 20,000 direct employments. Its members process approximately 55 million tonnes of commodities a year, both of EU origin and imported from third country markets. The sector crushes oilseeds, notably rapeseed, sunflower seed, soybeans and linseed into oils and meals and refines those crude oils from crushing and crude tropical oils, notably palm oil, palm kernel oil and coconut oil. The meals and the crude and refined oils are sold for food, feed, technical and energy uses essentially on the European market.

EU Sustainable soy blog

The EU Grain Chain launches its blog on actions towards enhanced sustainability in the soy supply chain

The EU Grain Chain supports members and interested stakeholders with available information on: challenges, actions and progress in the responsible transformation of the soy supply chain

FEDIOL policy priorities for the agri food sector in Europe

As the EU enters a new five-year legislative term, which will be critical in shaping the future of Europe on many fronts,

FEDIOL calls on incoming members of the European institutions to support the transformation of our food system and unleash the potential of a sustainable bioeconomy in the following ways:

  • Fostering an environment for safety, quality and innovation in Europe
  • Driving sustainable use of agricultural raw materials in Europe 
  • Promoting responsible supply chains around the world

As a sector, we are committed to engaging with supply chain partners, policy makers and other stakeholders, to find collective responses to common challenges.

What is FRYING ?

  • What are the different options for the selection of the best suited frying oil ?
  • What is the smoking point of a vegetable oil?
  • How to best fry?

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Frying oils infographic
Frying oils infographic

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