EU Protein Strategy

In cooperation with COCERAL, COPA-COGECA, FEDIOL and FEFAC, the European Commission’s DG AGRI developed the 2016/2017 Protein Balance Sheet, which provides an inventory of the crude protein that is used as feed stuff for animals in the EU.

The Protein Balance Sheet shows that Europe is producing a 60.29% of the total feed protein it needs, but at the same time has a higher deficit in protein-rich feed. Indeed, more than 60% of the high-quality protein provided by oilseed meals is imported – either directly as meal, in particular soybean meal, or in the form of oilseeds, in particular soybeans.

DG AGRI is now working on an “EU Protein Plan” with stakeholders in thematic workshops and through an independent market study to investigate how the EU self-sufficiency in plant protein can be increased.

The EU Commission is scheduling a presentation of its plan during a dedicated conference in Vienna in November 2018.

Through the production of oilseed meals, particularly from rapeseed, sunflower and soybean, the EU crushing industry supplies almost 1/4 of all crude protein that goes to feed use.