Allergenicity is one of the key areas where the oils and fats industry has put a lot of efforts and research over the years to guarantee the safety in the production of refined oils and fats.
Peanut-, nut- and soybean- oils have been put under scrutiny in 2003 due to the known allergenicity of its raw materials. While the non-allergenicity of refined peanut oil has not be accepted by the European Food Safety Authority in 2004, the non allergenicity of refined soybean oil was scientifically established by clinical trials both in Europe and the US, acknowledged by EFSA in 2007 and is part of EU law.

As such, fully refined soybean oil and fat and the product thereof - in so far as the process that they have undergone is not likely to increase the level of allergenicity assessed by EFSA for the relevant product from which they originated - are excluded from allergen labelling.