FEDIOL Members’ first priority is the safety and quality of their products. To this end codes of best practices and food and feed safety standards have been developed at FEDIOL level to prevent or limit the occurrence of contaminants in oils and fats, meals and by-products. These industry standards are based on extensive risk assessments performed along the different food and feed supply chains. In addition, FEDIOL works at ensuring that the EU legislation in the field of contaminants enables a smooth flow of raw materials and transformed products on the EU market.

A new model to estimate the intake of vegetable oils and fats in the diet in a comprehensive way has been published in August 2015 in the Food Additives and Contaminants Journal. The scientific publication and model are co-authored by David Tennant and John Paul Gosling.

You will find them here in open access. FEDIOL supported the model, particularly by providing statistics on vegetable oils and fats.

Among the contaminants rigorously monitored by FEDIOL members, a particular attention is given today to: