Responsible Soy Workshop

On the occasion of the third meeting since the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding on a Brazil-EU partnership for sustainable soy, representatives from Aprosoja, ABIOVE, FEDIOL, FEFAC and IDH (the Sustainable Trade Initiative) came together to assess progress on their common agenda.

As part of the week of meetings, FEDIOL and FEFAC organized two public events with the aim to further engage on discussions around soy sustainability and

On Monday 19th November, a workshop was organised, entitled “Responsible soy: a common undertaking. The challenges of a responsible soy supply chain in Brazil”. The event featured representatives from the European Commission and the Permanent Representations to the EU, industry members, traders and retailers, as well as NGOs and other stakeholders. The presence of representatives from Brazil’s government and of stakeholders of the soy value chain provided an opportunity to engage in discussions around the role of the different players involved in soy sustainable production.

The programme of the event and the link to each of the Power Point presentations can be found here below:


Responsible soy: a common undertaking

The challenges of a responsible soy supply chain in Brazil

Monday 19 November 2018

Welcome and introduction by the FEFAC and FEDIOL Presidents

Session 1 : Taking stock of the efforts regarding environment

Moderator: Nathalie Lecocq, Director General

FEDIOL Government action to enforce and monitor progress of Brazil’s Forest Code implementation
Presentation by a Brazil government representative, Raimundo Deusdara Filho, Director General of the Brazilian Services of Forest

Farmers’ perspectives: the contribution of Soja Plus to good farming practices
Presentation by Wanderlei Gerra and Marlene Lima Aprosoja, Association of soy producers of Mato Grosso

Session 2 : Linking responsible soy production and consumption

Moderator: Alexander Döring, Secretary General, FEFAC

The challenges of the Brazil soy value chain
Presentation by André Nassar, Executive President of ABIOVE, Brazil association of oilseed processors

The perspective of the Consumer Goods Forum on the challenges of the EU soy value chain
Presentation by Debora Dias, Senior Manager, Environmental Sustainability, CGF

Stock taking of the progress made by different stakeholders in driving the sustainable soy agenda further in the EU
Impulse statements from: FEDIOL (Marta Zuluaga Zilbermann), IDH (Willem Klaassens), Amsterdam declaration group coordinator soy (Peter de Koning) 17:30 hrs Discussion with all speakers / participants and closing remarks