Labelling Feed

The Feed Marketing Regulation 767/2009 (FMR) replaced the Directive 96/25 and established a Catalogue of feed materials that is to support labeling. The European Commission published the first version of the Catalogue, a copy-paste of the non-exhaustive list of feed materials of the 96/25 Directive. The FMR invites the feed business community to revise and update it. FEDIOL, as a member of a Task Force of the Feed Chain, coordinated the updating of group 2 of the Catalogue on feed materials from oilseeds and oil fruits. As such FEDIOL, inputted into a revised Catalogue that was submitted to the EC in September 2010. The updated Catalogue will finally come as a Commission Regulation. Meant as a tool to support labeling by business for business, we believe that during the decision making process on the revised Catalogue, there should be minimal involvement of the EC and MS.

The FMR stipulates that those who put on the market a new feed material that is not listed in the Catalogue should notify this to the European feed business sectors. The latter should publish a register of such notifications on the Internet. The Task Force of the Feed Chain has indeed established a website for this:

FEDIOL contributed to establishing this web-based register, as we felt we had to live up to a legal obligation. But we believe our responsibility stops with this. We are lacking the resources and the mandate to start doing quality checks on register entries.