Note : Only the specifications published on this page are valid. All former specifications have been either updated or repelled.

26 Nov 2019

FEDIOL Specifications for Coconut oil

24 October 2018

FEDIOL non-EU origin Sunflower Seed specifications (Rev. October 2018)

10 Jan 2018

Fediol Specifications for SFO

10 Jan 2018

Fediol Specifications for HOSO

13 January 2017

FEDIOL Specifications for groundnut oil

15 December 2016

FEDIOL Specifications for grapeseed oil

21 Mar 2011

FEDIOL Recommendation on moisture content for rape/colza seed meal and sunflower seed meal

21 Mar 2011

FEDIOL non-EU origin Rapeseed specifications (Rev. March 2011)

13 Oct 2010

FEDIOL Recommendation on glucosinolates in rapeseed

10 Jul 2009

FEDIOL non-EU origin Soybean Specifications

01 Jul 2009

FEDIOL contractual clause on pesticides for EU oilseeds

01 Jan 1998

FEDIOL Specifications for Rapeseed oil