High Level Forum

The High Level Forum for a Better Functioning Food Supply Chain, created through Commission decision in July 2010 assists the Commission with the development of industrial policy in the agro-food sector. This High Level Forum accompanies the follow-up to the recommendations of the High Level Group on the Competitiveness of the Agro-Food Industry and to the Commission initiatives. The Forum composed of 45 representative of food chain operators, other stakeholders and Members States’ representatives has been given extended competences with a view to ensure consistency between the various Commission initiatives.

The High Level Forum has set up four working groups with the involvement of a wide range of stakeholders. These Experts Platforms  focus on flagship issues requiring a specific expertise:

  • Agro-Logistics,
  • B2B contractual relations,
  • Competitiveness of the agro-food industry  
  • Food Prices Monitoring Tools

The review the HLF activity at mid-term is likely to put more emphasis on innovation, on internal market –with a particular interest in taxes and fiscal measures- and on fostering sustainable growth in the food supply chain.

FEDIOL coordinates its input into the work of the High Level Forum with the associations of PFP, which is participating in the expert platforms on B2B contractual relations and competitiveness of the agro-food industry. 


Up-date October 2011