EU cross sector coalition call to EU Commission and Member States for EUDR clarifications and workable EUDR implementation  28/03/2024

As part of their commitment to support a successful implementation of the EUDR, considering the significant adjustments that are needed from suppliers, operators and traders, 23 EU organisations co-signed a joint call to express serious concerns regarding the pace of preparation of EUDR-related legislative acts, the mandatory systems (i.e. Information System), and the guidance and clarifications required for implementation by operators and traders and enforcement by competent authorities.

Operators and traders are working hard to prepare their supply chains and adapt their systems and due diligence processes for compliance with the EUDR. They try to develop workable solutions, compatible with the EUDR provisions, but implying less administrative burden. However, these efforts are impeded by large gaps in information, lack of appropriate technical solutions and by misconceptions as to the functioning of their complex chains. 

Read the full coalition call here.