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24 March 2014
FEDIOL Position on The Future of Biofuels and EU 2030 Climate and Energy Framework

25 February 2014
Nutrition fact sheet : Palm oil

11 February 2014
FEDIOL Position on Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement (TTIP)

16 January 2014
FEDIOL Position on TFA

13 December 2013
FEDIOL Statement on EU Energy Council - iLUC

9 December 2013
Press release: The EU Biofuels Supply Chain rejects ILUC political compromise

4 December 13
Nutrition Factsheet : Frying oils

25 October 13
FEDIOL Position on the European Law-Making on Indirect Land Use Change (iLUC)

22 October 13
FEDIOL position the Commission proposal for a Regulation on official controls

3 October 2013

FEDIOL Statement on EFSA report on 3-MCPD esters occurrence in food and preliminary exposure assessment

11 September 2013

Press release: EP vote on biofuels: Parliament remains aloof to maintaining jobs and investments in Europe

11 July 2013
Press release: The ENVI vote on iLUC compromised European Biofuels Industry’s future on the basis of unreliable evidence

25 June 2013
Press release : FEDIOL releases gate-to-gate study on environmental performance of oilseeds crushing and vegetable oil refining

7 June 2013
FEDIOL Open Letter on iLUC to EU Ministers

16 May 2013
COCERAL, FEDIOL and ASSUC urge EU Member States to support the anti-fraud package on VAT and to conclude it latest by the end of the Irish Presidency

7 May 2013
FEDIOL & EBB Press Release on Experts’ Debate Concerning the Short-comings of iLUC Factors and Calculations

24 April 2013
COCERAL, FEDIOL and ASSUC strongly support the Anti-Fraud Package on VAT currently discussed at the EU level

22 April 13
FEDIOL comments on the EP Environment Committee report on the proposal amending the FQD and RED

3 April 13
Food, Feed and Fuels : a deeper look

3 April 13
FEDIOL brochure : Food, Feed and Fuels : a snapshot

12 March 13
FEDIOL statement on neonicotinoid pestices


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