The “Nairobi Package” was adopted at the World Trade Organisation's Tenth Ministerial Conference, held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 15 to 19 December 2015. This package contains a series of decisions on agricultural export competition, on public stockholding for food security purposes, on a special safeguard mechanism for developing countries, on cotton and on two issues of importance to least-developed countries, namely preferential rules of origin and a waiver for preferences granted to services and service suppliers from developing countries.  A Ministerial Declaration outlining the Package and the future work of the WTO was also adopted.

Aimed at levelling the playing field for agricultural export competition, the main achievement of the Ministerial Conference certainly was the agreement on the elimination of export subsidies on agricultural products: according to that, developed countries committed to an immediate elimination of export subsidies for agricultural exports, and to a more gradual elimination - by 2018 or 2020 - of subsidies on those products for which export subsidies were notified.