Labelling Food

Regulation (EU) 1169/2011 (see here) establishes the general principles, requirements and responsibilities governing food information, and in particular food labelling. The majority of rules apply as from 13 December 2014. 

FEDIOL developed a Guidance on the labelling requirements for the ingredient listing of vegetable oils and fats as per Regulation (EU) 1169/2011: category name, implications for QUID, hydrogenation. The Guidance is available here.

FEDIOL has prepared a document meant to explain what the rules are for the determination of country of origin under EU law (Regulation (EU) 1169/2011 on food information to consumers together with Customs rules).  The statement is available here.

Over the past years, FEDIOL has followed developments around Front-of-pack Nutrition Labelling systems and supports the need to introduce a single harmonised system applicable throughout EU countries. Among the existing schemes applicable in some EU countries, the Nutriscore is a type of summary label–graded indicators aimed at facilitating consumer choice towards healthier dietary options through a 'graded indicator’ that provides graded information on the nutritional quality of foods that is applied on all food products.

FEDIOL developed a position on Nutriscore following the July 2022 revision.

FEDIOL has signed the EU Code of Conduct for responsible business and marketing practices in June 2021. To implement the various aspirational objectives of the Code, FEDIOL has set up a Action Plan for Implementation of the Code and its content was shared in the annual report, to the Commission in April 2022. To contribute to aspirational objective one on Healthy, balanced, and sustainable diets for all European consumers, thereby contributing to: 1) Reversing malnutrition and diet-related non communicable diseases (NCDs) in the EU 2) Reducing the environmental footprint of food consumption by 2030, FEDIOL decided among others to develop a FEDIOL recommendation on the labelling of frying oils, which was finalised in March 2023 and is available here.