FEDIOL releases CO2 emissions monitoring for the period 2019-2022   11/03/2024

In 2023, FEDIOL set up a programme to monitor the CO2 emissions of its members’ manufacturing sites. This initiative has the objective to inform member companies of their relative performance and to facilitate the achievement of climate goals which is relevant under the FEDIOL commitment to the EU Code of Conduct on responsible food business and marketing practices and, more specifically, to aspirational objective #3: A climate neutral food chain in Europe by 2050.

More than 40 crushing and/or refining sites submitted data under this programme, representing 31 million tons of oilseed processed and 7.2 million tons of crude vegetable oil refined. Around 15 stand-alone refining/further processing sites submitted data, representing 3.5 million tons of crude oils refined plus 1.2 milion tons of refined oils further processed.

The results show a decline in aggregated CO2 emissions of participating FEDIOL companies over the period of four years of 9.5%.

The results also show a reduction in CO2 emissions per ton of raw material processed between 6 and 7% for both groups of activities, i.e. integrated crushing/refining and stand-alone refining/further processing of oils.

For more detailed information follow FEDIOL Code of Conduct page, workstream 4. Reduction of GHG emissions.